Meet the dentist

Peter Chien, DMD, MPH

Edgewood Dentist Dr. Peter Chien graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California at Berkeley.  Afterwards he enrolled at Loma Linda University, graduating with a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology, where he also worked at the Center for Health Research engaging in medical statistical research. He then matriculated at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and received a Doctoral of Dental Medicine, graduating with clinical honors.

Dr. Chien is married to his wife Dr. Miki (who is also a dentist) and together they have a daughter who is currently in middle school, along
with a spunky and energetic Yorkshire Terrier named Milo.  The family is actively involved in the community, and enjoys being involved with the local school, going to church, and taking trips to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Chien has special interests in maintaining and restoring beautiful smiles, and loves working with children and all family members alike. He strives to provide a relaxed and gentle atmosphere where patients feel comfortable. He has a strong desire to keep abreast of the latest dental technologies and research. As your gentle dentist in Edgewood Dr. Chien loves to treat young kids, children, and the apprehensive dental patient.  Throughout his years of experience, he has found many people have not taken care of their teeth, and are often shy, scared, or even embarrassed to see a dentist.  Dr. Chien loves to meet these patients for the first time, and really takes the time to meet and reassure them that everything will be okay, and help them take gradual steps to overcome their self consciousness and eventually have a healthy and great smile!

Dr. Chien continues to take advanced educational courses beyond what is required, with special emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, and oral surgery.  He looks forward to continuing to implement the latest technology as dentistry and medicine continue to evolve, yet he continues to maintain the belief that sound prevention through regular checkups and cleanings is a tremendous positive factor in maintaining oral and gum health.

He is a sound proponent of forward thinking research and minimally invasive conservative dentistry, and is excited to be able to provide professional quality oral health care for his patients.  He has also formed a local dental study club that holds regular meetings on relevant topics in dental care and lectures for general dentists and specialists.

Dr. Chien provides all professional services of general dentistry, including implant and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening,  and beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns to create that beautiful and natural smile!  He is an active member in the Pierce County Dental Society, Washington State Dental Association, and American Dental Association.


Timothy Hardtke, DDS

Dr. Hardtke started this practice in Edgewood, WA over 40 years ago and is the original founder.  Formerly known as “Windmill Dental Center” he has treated family after family, and has the pleasure of watching kids grow up, and these “kids” eventually bringing their own children as patients.  Dr. Hardtke recently transitioned his practice to Dr. Chien as he now enters a different phase of his life, retirement!  Dr. Hardtke plans to  enjoy his time relaxing in his cabin in Eastern Washington and also traveling to sunny Arizona with his wife and Morkie “Ziggy.”  He is known to visit the office every now and then, so be sure to say hi if we are so lucky to see him!

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